On Labor Legislation

The  Taft-Hartley law regarding labor – management relations goes too far in some areas and not far enough in others.  But should there be any labor laws beyond normal criminal penalties for violence?  But there are laws, and they need some amending.

Right to work: Employees should not be forced to join a union, if they don’t want to be represented. So we need to eliminate the closed shop.  That should also include the current “check off” approach to coerced membership.

Right to represent: A union should represent only its members. No free rides.  If you want a union to process your grievances and negotiate wages for you, join up, pay the dues and get active in your local.  Otherwise, go it alone.  But it’s only fair to the members who are in the union.

Simplify: There should be only one local within the fence.  Whether it’s a physical fence or virtual, there’s a legally defined fence around a plant.  There should be only one local representing all the employees, whether production, maintenance, transportation, etc.

I probably need to send this idea to Congress.
#labor #Taft-Hartley


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